Control System Lab Kits For XMCU Dev. Board-1


  • Brushed DC Motor Control System Lab Kits V1.0 is designed as add-on for co-working with the xMCU development board V1.0 so suitable undergraduate degree or vocational/diploma education.
  • Cover the lesson comprehensive to Open loop control, Closed loop control such as Conventional PID control, Fuzzy Logic Control.
  • Easy to use, the pin’s function modules are reserved by not wiring so just the coding and then upload into development board.
  • Support for Arduino IDE, LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink Software development and other (due to microcontrollers/processing unit series).Learning about principle of electromechanical machine behavior.
  • The permanent magnet has high-power and high-speed properties.
  • The package is made from PVC material so portable, compact size, lightweight and dimension 250x200x50 mm.